My Story

It takes some of us longer than others to find it, but we eventually do.

That one thing that drives us. It brings joy. It makes work exciting. It makes LIFE exciting! So what is it for you? What's your passion?

Mine is Creative Expression. Creativity feeds my soul. It's like food to my body and air to my lungs. I've got to have it in my life - enough to bring balance to life in this unpredictable world.


Photography. Painting. Leatherwork.

My outlets for Creative Expression are Photography, Painting, and Leatherwork. This website features my work in these areas. Some of it is available for purchase. All of it is here for your enjoyment!



I have a deep appreciation for things of great beauty, design, and distinctiveness. And that carries through to my creations.

  • I prefer things that are well made, beautifully designed, and unique.
  • When I find the "best" or the "right" thing I am prepared to pay a premium. 
  • That typically translates to higher expectations and premium pricing.
  • It's worth it to me.

I apply this same philosophy to my work at Scott Vassar Studios. If you acquire one of my creations, you can expect it to be high quality, well designed, and uniquely distinctive. Each piece of leather or painting or photography will be unique in some way. 


Enough about me. What about YOU? 

I believe everyone has creative talent, but it needs to be discovered and nurtured. It's no different than any other skill we learn - we get better with practice.

If you don't consider yourself "creative" you may not have discovered your hidden talents. It's not too late. If you do know your creative talents, I hope you exercise them frequently!

The day-to-day demands of life can exist in harmony with your creative self. And your life can be even more satisfying!

- Scott Vassar